• Wheelzzz®: Laia and Gil, two parents who "invent" how to sleep babies in the middle of lockdown.

    The story begins in May 2016 with Laia and Gil. After trying about everything to get their baby to sleep, they ran into a life long trick: cobblestones.

  • Wheelzzz®: at home or wherever you need to catch some Z's

    Hi again families! Laura and Jose from Spain, sent us a question Where can we use our Wheeelzzz@? We’ve designed Wheelzzz® to be used on any surfa...
  • Wheelzzz®: an old trick from a Galician grandmother, revamped!

    Fernando, a dad from Vigo, told us about an old trick he inherited from his grandmother, to get to sleep her 13 month old: “walk with the stroller,...
  • Nuria, MD and her husband Xevi, talk to us about their experience with Wheelzzz®

    Nuria and Xevi, are parents to a 5 year old and an 8 month baby. This past December we reached out to them, as we did with many other families...
  • Where do I use my Wheelzzz®?

    Where shall I place my Wheelzzz®? Hi Families! Especially to the Besadas, from Vigo, the Fernandez from Madrid and the Bach from Barcelona. All ...
  • Cobble cobble cobble x2

    We answer Sandra's question: how can I have a stronger rock?