Cobble cobble cobble x2

Combine them and mimic the sensation of walking around in different cities.

One of the most common questions we have received, while testing our product, has been: how can I more intense rock?

Obviously, many factors are involved in getting a baby to sleep, we can’t always guarantee the child wants to go to sleep. There’s a lot out of our control, and despite our efforts babies some times babies just won’t sleep.

What we’ve learned, is that if a baby is ready to sleep, Wheelzzz® can be a little push to help it fall asleep.

We propose different options. The first one would be attach a Wheelzzz® on the stroller’s back wheel for a gentle sway. If the baby relaxes it will be a matter of minutes.

If you’re looking for a more intense rock, you have different options, the sky is the limit! One of them could be to attach a Wheelzzz® on the back wheel and one on front wheel on the opposite side. This way the rock is more constant and intense.

Beyond the modes that you can see on our packaging, another option can be the double rock: overlapping two. Wheelzzz® is designed to make this possible and double the rock.

As parents, we have tried with cobblestones and pebbles, until finding what Nil and Emma, needed. Each one had their own sway, but they both worked


Nosotros como padres probamos con adoquines y empedrados, hasta dar con el que tanto Nil como Emma necsitaban. Cada uno tenía su truco, pero nos funcionaba. Os dejamos unas fotos para que veais algunos ejemplos.


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