Wheelzzz®: Laia and Gil, two parents who "invent" how to sleep babies in the middle of lockdown.

The design mimics the smooth and natural sway of walking on cobblestones with your stroller anywhere.

The story begins in May 2016 with Laia and Gil. After trying about everything to get their baby to sleep, they ran into a life long trick: cobblestones.

“Actually, this helped the whole family get a better rest. We also made dinner plans in the old town, knowing that she would fall asleep on our way there”, Laia remembers, “I don’t know how we would have made it in the middle of lockdown”

We thought it would be great to invent something, to mimic this rocking sensation anywhere, and this is how Wheelzzz® is born. During global pandemic confinement, we’ve made the last huge effort, to make the project happen.

As opposed to your traditional cobblestoned street, with Wheelzzz® there is no risk of harming the stroller and it’s easy to steer.

We haven't reinvented the wheel but wheelzzz® is our little big invention from us, to the World. 

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