Nuria, MD and her husband Xevi, talk to us about their experience with Wheelzzz®

Nuria and Xevi, are parents to a 5 year old and an 8 month baby. This past December we reached out to them, as we did with many other families to try one of our prototypes. 

Having had a tough experience trying to sleep their first daughter when on her stroller, they were a little skeptic (before trying Wheelzzz®) to say the least.

However, their experience has been very satisfactory and this makes us really happy and proud. Her second daughter Isona, started showing the same sleeping pattern on her stroller, and it was then when they decided to give Wheelzzz® try:

As any newborn, Isona liked to feel her parents contact and warmth, so most of our walks were using the baby carrier backpack. 

"One of the first times we used the stroller, was to sing her birth certificate... and of course, she started having one of those moments and nothing would calm her. I was kind of in an awkward situation and when I was about to give up, I remembered about the Wheelzzz® gadget and gave it a try"

I attached to tieback wheel, started rocking and I could not believe whheat I was seeing. She was calming down and I was feeling kind of relaxed with the mild jostle. 

From this moment on, we started going out with the stroller more often. I was feeling more confident about it, I knew I had the solution in case of emergency, in those moments I was stuck: like waiting in line at the mall.


"I still remember the day Isona fell asleep with her Wheelzzz® soon after starting crying. I saw her sleeping so peacefully, that I did not dare release the Wheelzzz® and decided to continue walking with it."

Xevi, the dad remembers an occasion:

"We had left our home without the Wheelzzz® and Isona was complaining in the stroller, the whole time. As soon as we got home, we got the Wheelzzz® and she took a good nap in the same stroller!"

Our experience with Wheelzzz® has been very good. But we will never forget the first times. Wheelzzz® got her to sleep and got us to rest. 

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